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Curated Packages

Our curated furniture packages take the guesswork out of design and the legwork out of shopping. Feel free to add or delete items within a package as needed.

  • Living Rooms prev / next

    The Lori 3 Pieces

    $91.00/per mo.

    The Hadley 6 Pieces

    $374.00/per mo.

    The Gene 6 Pieces

    $345.00/per mo.

    The Patrick 5 Pieces

    $216.00/per mo.

  • Bedrooms prev / next

    The Corey 5 Pieces

    $269.00/per mo.

    The Brigit 6 Pieces

    $434.00/per mo.

    The Hayes 5 Pieces

    $263.00/per mo.

    The Lynn 6 Pieces

    $363.00/per mo.

  • Dining Rooms prev / next

    The Ellen 5 Pieces

    $104.00/per mo.

    The Bader 3 Pieces

    $65.00/per mo.

    The Danielle 5 Pieces

    $127.00/per mo.

    The Van 7 Pieces

    $178.00/per mo.