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The Everset - Furniture Rental & Staging Made Easy
The Everset - Furniture Rental & Staging Made Easy

How It Works - Hassle Free & Flexible

The Everset - Furniture Rental & Staging Made Easy

Our mission

is to make moving and furnishing your home a joy!

We are a premium furniture rental service that offers curated furniture packages without the burden of ownership.

Furnishing your home is now easier than ever.

  • No monthly membership fees

  • Delivery typically within 7 days
  • No more throwing away or selling your old furniture for pennies

The Everset - Furniture Rental & Staging Made Easy
The Everset - Furniture Rental & Staging Made Easy


I can’t say enough about how positive this experience has been. The quality and customer service far exceeded my expectations in every possible way.
- Lynn (NYC)
The Everset was so easy to work with. As a recent college grad, it was nice to have a comfortable, affordable apartment package. All the items were set up before we moved in. I've recommended them to all of my friends who are moving apartments.
- Ben (Lower East Side)
Everything is perfect! The furniture is great and it's so nice to be able to see pieces in different spaces before we buy.
- Whitney (NY)
I moved to NYC from Ohio. I didn't have the time or patience to deal with buying all new furniture. The Everset saved me.
- Lisa (Clinton Hill)
Lots of communication, great pricing, friendly policies, the movers arrived on time - just a great experience from start to finish. Plus everything looks really good.
- K (Brooklyn)
I wanted to say the whole process from choosing the furniture online to ultimate delivery and assembly was seamless. I also very much appreciated you reaching out to help when the apartment was not ready. The whole experience was fantastic
- Justin (SOHO)


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