The Patrick

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5 Pieces

Living Room

The Patrick lights up any room with its colorful mid-century sofa. It's compact size makes it perfect for city living.

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Products Included in This Package

  • Product Details

    Compact Colorful Sofa

    Compact Colorful Sofa - The Everset
    • Width74"
    • Height32.5"
    • Depth32.5"
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  • Product Details

    Slim Special Table

    Slim Special Table - The Everset
    • Width19"
    • Height19.25"
    • Depth39.25"
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  • Product Details

    Round Lip Table

    Round Lip Table - The Everset
    • Width18"
    • Height20.75"
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  • Product Details

    Mixed Striped Chair

    Mixed Striped Chair - The Everset
    • Width26.75"
    • Height26.75"
    • Depth28.38"
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  • Product Details

    Brass Adjustable Lamp

    Brass Adjustable Lamp - The Everset
    • Width10"
    • Height56.5"
    • Depth14"
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