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Easy Ways To Customize A Small NYC Apartment

How You Can Use Rental Furniture To Bring Your Pad To Life

When you’re just so excited to move into your new NYC apartment, it’s safe to say that your mind is reeling with visions of that hip Brooklyn apartment that you saw on Pinterest, that chic SoHo loft that you saw on Instagram, or that modern high rise apartment out in Hudson Yards. You think about all of the possibilities that you space has to offer you – that trendy sofa, the perfect contemporary coffee table, or that rustic overhead light for your dining room. With all of these possibilities, you’re thinking about how you can customize your small NYC apartment with the right furniture pieces.

Well, The Everset would be happy to help you bring your apartment to life with a wide variety of rental furniture that gives you the looks you want at a fraction of the cost.

Why Rent Furniture Online?

We’re firm believers that renting furniture is always the best choice when you’re looking to customize and furnish your small New York City apartment space. Why? Because you can look for those high-value accent pieces that truly make your space look like the perfect Pinterest apartment – and you can do it at the lowest possible cost.

The Hadley

For instance, let’s say you have the perfect space that you can use as a small, compact, but comfortable living space. Since it’s small, you’ll likely want some slim, modern furniture pieces to bring that space to life, right?

Well, here at The Everset, The Hadley is a wonderful 6-piece living room set that comes in under $150 a month* for 6 high quality furniture pieces! Think about that – that’s only $1800 a year for high quality furniture pieces that make your space entirely unique. And for that price? You’re essentially furnishing your living room for the price to own a single sofa and loveseat combo!

The Danielle

For your small and compact kitchen space, go with a high-top dining table with some bar stools for the trendy rustic look that will make your new NYC apartment look just like the SoHo loft of your dreams. The Danielle is a beautiful 5-piece dining set that comes in at just $40* per month! Four bar stools and a high top wooden dining table that looks like it’s just come out of your favorite Hell’s Kitchen bar/restaurant. You see, you just can’t go wrong with renting furniture when it comes to furnishing an apartment.

Shop With Us

And there you have it – two simple ways to completely customize your NYC apartment with rental furniture. It’s time for you to see what the possibilities could look like by paying us a visit and taking a look at our collections. Renting furniture online has never been so easy – and furnishing your NYC apartment has never been more fun.

*based on a 12 month subscription

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