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White Line Artwork

Hanging not included

Claim a $50 credit for your sustainable purchase with

White shapes

Line design

Artwork for thinking

  • A little about the artist

    An artist and illustrator from Sweden, born in 1991. she has always enjoyed drawing and painting and combining different techniques, materials, and themes, working with both figurative and abstract pictures. Aiming to create something simple and harmonic, using shapes and colors that in some way appeal to her. For her, art can be powerful and emotional with a deeper meaning, but it can also exist as something merely beautiful that adds atmosphere and color to the room.

  • Artwork is yours to keep

    While most of our items are for rent, certain items, such as our artwork, are non-refundable and non-returnable once it has been delivered and signed for. At the end of your rental term, the artwork is yours to keep and our service team will be unable to take away or dispose of it for you. Please refer to our policy for non-returnable items in our rental contract.


dimention image
  • Width30''
  • Height40''
  • Depth2''

Friendly reminders for this item

This item is yours to keep and our service team will be unable to dispose of or take away this item at the end of your rental term.

If you end your rental term with us prior to all scheduled payments being made, or wish to remove this item from your account, the full remaining balance due for this item will be due.  

For our mattresses, if you wish to swap to a different size, you can do so. However, the full remaining balance of the mattress currently on the account will be due and our team will be unable to take away or dispose of the mattress for you during the swap appointment.

Please refer to our rental contract for full details.

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