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How Staging Can Unlock the Full Value of Your Home

Selling a home is not an easy proposition.  You’re sitting with a significant asset and you want to make it as attractive as possible for prospective buyers so that you can sell it for the highest value possible.  What makes it difficult is that it can be tricky to identify what actually contributes to this value and what is a red herring.

One of the pieces of low-hanging fruit that can make a big difference to how your house is perceived is to stage your home.  What this means is that you fill the house with indicative furniture and fittings that give prospective buyers a vision of what a fully furnished house would look like.  This furniture isn’t sold with the house but merely used in the showhouse phase to attract better offers on your property.

Here are some of the reasons why staging can be so powerful:

  • It creates a vivid experience for potential buyers. When you walk into a completely bare house, it can be difficult to imagine the potential of the space when it’s fully fleshed out.  As such, staging helps the buyer to get the full picture of what the house can provide and it acts as the foundation for someone to dream of living in that home.  When done well, the staging will immediately resonate with the right buyer and attract an offer that unlocks the full value of what you’re selling.


  • It makes for better marketing collateral. When you’re selling your home, you’re competing with a huge market online and you need to find a way to stand out.  Great staging will allow you to capture compelling photos and video content that will pique the interest of buyers.  Once you’ve increased the traffic to your home listing, you’ve got a much better chance of converting to a successful home purchase.


  • You can leverage professional interior design. Professional staging companies do this day in and day out and they know how to craft a warm and exciting home environment for buyers.  In most cases, they can show you how to maximize your home’s appeal with tasteful design choices and functional considerations.  Leveraging this experience and expertise is a significant value-adding activity and it can make a huge difference to the value of the home.


  • You can make the rooms look larger. Empty rooms often appear smaller than they really are because buyers don’t have context as to how the room is going to fill up.  By staging the rooms, you can create a more expansive feel that can only increase the value of the home in their minds.  Stagers will be able to pick out the perfect items to suit your individual space.

As you can see, staging is an incredibly useful thing to do when you’re trying to increase your home’s value and to sell faster.  It’s staggering to us that so many home sellers don’t do this because it’s a no-brainer if you want to realize the full potential of what your property can sell for.

Here at The Everset, we provide high-quality staging services for clients in the Tri-State area – leveraging our extensive rental furniture inventory to create an awe-inspiring experience for your prospective buyers.  If this is of interest, be sure to get in touch today, and let’s see how we can help you unlock the full value of your home.