Adjustable Chill Ladder - The Everset
Adjustable Chill Ladder - The Everset

Adjustable Chill Ladder

$14.00/per mo.


Adjustable width

Chill wood and white color

Ladder for hanging

  • A little about me

    An extremely stylish and modern organizational clothes rack that can also be used as a bathroom towel rack or for blanket storage. Great for any room, its adjustable size ensures it fits wherever it’s needed most – in both large and small spaces. Made of solid ash wood and powder-coated steel, this innovative storage solution is the ideal towel rack, blanket rack, or clothing organizer.

  • What Happens at the End of My Plan?

    As your life changes, so should your furniture. At the end of your plan you can renew at a reduced rate, swap, buy or return it. All monthly subscription payments go toward the purchase price!


  • Width16"
  • Height60"
  • Depth1"

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